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Ladies Section

According to the constitution of the club, under clause 8.3, specific responsibilities:

The Lady Captain shall act as the principal officer of the Ladies Golf Section and preside over the ladies Golf committee meetings and other social activities sanctioned by the Club for the ladies golf section.
Under Clause 12 of the constitution, the following shall apply interalia:
12.1. There shall be a ladies Golf Section for the ladies who shall be ordinary members of the club
12.2. The members of the Ladies Golf Section (LGS) shall elect among themselves a Ladies Golf Committee consisting of such number of officers as may be deemed necessary and approved by the executive committee.
12.3. The Organization and Administration of the ladies competition and handicaps of the ladies shall be the duties of the LGS.
12.4. The LGS may for the purposes of its functions engage in financial transactions or others necessary or consequential to its duties to the club and shall make rules and regulations pertaining thereto.
12.5. The LGS shall be responsible to the Executive committee of the club and shall be subject to the rules and regulations made for the club.
12.6 The LGS shall meet as and when convened by the lady captain who shall preside over its meetings and in her absence, a designated acting Captain or a member of the committee may preside. Resolution shall be made by a simple majority vote.
Elections into the office of Lady Captain and such officers that may be created shall be in keeping with the provision set out in election clause of the club constitution.
Under clause 7 of the constitution of the IBB International Golf and Country club, The Lady Captain is a member of the Executive Committee as well as the immediate past lady Captain (ex-official).