CAPTAIN                                                  –        Sola Awoyungbo


VICE CAPTAIN                                        –        Emmanuel Anosike


LADY CAPTAIN                                      –        Nanfe Audu


SECRETARY                                            –        Mike Ekoja


TREASURER                                            –        Omoefe Oputu


HOUSE & MAINTENANCE OFFICER  –         Ikechukwu O. Rex Ukadike


SOCIAL & WELFARE OFFICER           –        Jummai Abdullahi


COURSE OFFICER                                 –        Abel Abia-Bassey



HANDICAP & CADDY SECRETARY     –        Suraj M. Bello


CHAIRMAN, TENNIS SECTION            –        Kimashinor Tom Nwakalo-imu


IMMED. PAST CAPTAIN                        –        Oseni O. Ahmed


IMMED. PAST LADY CAPTAIN             –        Julie C. Acholonu


GENERAL MANAGER                            –        Kalip B. Jauwi


CO-OPTED                                               –        Mannix Nyiam


CO-OPTED                                               –        Victor  O. Adedipe


CO-OPTED                                               –        Mike Ehiemobi


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