Dear Esteemed Members,

Measures Against (Corona Virus) COVID-19

As you will appreciate the Corona Virus pandemic is evolving and therefore the EXCO continues to take actions to prevent the spread of the virus at the Club.

Regrettably the following painful but necessary measures comes into immediate effect:

1. All flag sticks are to be left in place while putting

2. All flags will be removed from the practice green

3. Rakes will no longer be available in bunkers. Please smoothen the bunkers as much as possible using your feet.

4. Use own pen to sign in at starters

5. No exchange of scorecards

6. No Caddie or Member of Staff is allowed to carry any members golf bag. The use of Caddies will be limited only to ball watching.

7. All Kitties involving reception and prize presentations are suspended.

8. No gathering of more than 5 persons on a table is allowed in the club.

Please note that flouting any of the above measures will attract disciplinary action. 

For emergency in relation to Corona Virus, please call the NCDC hotline on 080097000010

The above measures will remain in place until further notice.

Best regards

Mike Ekoja
Hon. Secretary

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