Davido’s House in Banana Island : Pictures Updated

davido house in banana island

Davido, is a popular Nigerian musician, he has successfully released many album to his credit.
the musician is really doing well for him self and has remained in the music scene for more than a decade plus now.

Davido House in Banana island

owning a house in Banana Island has been a way most Nigerian celebrities use to project their financial status and also Keep their fame and name trending in the lips of every Nigerian.

Banana Island has been the most preferred choice and destination for property owners of recent. check my articles on Psquare’s House in Banana Island and Tekno’s House.Davido’s house

So does Davido owns a house in Banana Island? this is the question most Nigerians has been asking and few will further ask ” how much does Davido’s house worth?” this article has been packed with interesting gist concerning Davido’s House in Banana Island.

First, we want you to know that Davido owns a house in Banana Island, actually the house is located at Giuliano de Medici, and it was actually designed by Sujimoto Constructions.
this mansion is a magnificent structure and it seems to put Davido on the league of most influential and most successful musicians of all time in Nigeria.Davido’s house

It won’t be surprising if a musician in his status, a Multi-award-winning singer and songwriter owns a house in Banana Island if the likes of P-Square, ikeji, could afford a place in such area.

How much is Davido house in Banana Island?

How much did Davido use to buy his house in Banana Island? this are the question Nigerians are asking.

The price, worth of Davido house are influenced by certain features and factors. So let’s take a look at this feature.

First the house is an 5-bedroom terrace and it cost about 1.5 million dollars which in naira term when converted using this the black market rate cost 620,250,000 Nigerian Naira.

You might ask ” how much is a plot of land in Banana Island?” well, like we have said before, it is really expensive to get a land here and it involves lot of processes. to secure a per square meter in Banana Island  you must be ready to spend 1,101 USD which is approximately N458,016.
actually it will cost 1 million dollars to be able to get 1 plot of land.

More on Banana Island:

Banana Island is located just about 5 miles east of Tafawa Balewa Square. this place is blessed  with a good road network that connects the town , making it possible to navigate the axis without huddle.

One interesting thing about Banana Island is that it is surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon, and is like living in another country inside Lagos. this natural barrier makes it completely separated from the noisy areas of Lagos.

Who owns Davido house in Banana Island?

Davido owns the house in Banana Island, Lagos, it does not belong to his father or brother but his own. and he is likely going to will the property to any of his children, though at this point when this article was written ; Davido’s will had not been made public.

How many houses does Davido own in Banana Island?

Davido own just one house in Banana Island and a few plots of empty land as at today . although the talented musicians is said to own other structure within and outside Lagos.
Do you know that Davido own a house in Atlanta Georgia in the United States? he actually bought this house for 60 million naira when converted to Naira Black Market Rate. He then moved to acquired another house in Lekki Lagos which cost him around 140 million naira.

How many plots of land did Davido buy in Banana Island

in 2022 Davido actually bought a land in Banana Island. this time around it is not a mansion rather it appears to be two or three plot of land that has been fenced.
Davido actually splashed an amount of N2.5 billion on his newly acquired piece of land

the talented musician actually took to his Instagram page to share the good news with his fans worldwide.

How much does Davido spend a day?

Although there is no exact figure Davido spend on a daily basis. Although what the musician stated or made the public believe about his daily spending might be exaggerated.

like for instance Davido said he spend at least $30,000 per outing in a single night. Well to me this is too much and one wonders if he continues to spend this lavishly how much will be left. or does he actually receives in excess to this amount per day?

How much does Davido receive per show?

it depends on several factors and if the show is local or international. if it is a local show or a show within Nigeria , Davido is said to charge between N10-N40 million per show.

But if it is outside Nigeria, like place in first word countries outside the Continent then expect to pay more just to get the musician to perform in a show. Actually it was rumoured to earns between $100,000 and $200,000 for this .

How much does MTN pay Davido?

MTN actually paid Devido over 30 million naira but that is far back 2010 when the musician has not reached the zenith of his career. but right now Davido might not accept that amount If given the opportunity again to sign any contract with a multinational company like mtn

How much FIFA paid Davido?

It was rumoured that FIFA paid Davido a whopping sum of 1 million dollars just to perform at the 2022 world cup event in Qatar. although uncomfirmed sources said that he actually received far more than this.

Davido is a Multi-award-winning singer and songwriter with stage name Davido . His actual name is David Adedeji Adeleke he is the son of one of Nigeria billionaire; Adedeji Adeleke.

Date of Birth Nov 21, 1992
ProfessionNigerian singer-songwriter
Residence Black
complexion 2023


Banana Island right here in Lagos, Nigeria is home to some of the most richest people in Nigeria and also a place where you are sure to find luxurious properties that worth billions of naira on the continent of Africa.

Banana Island is actually a home to the highest concentration of billionaires in Africa; it is rumoured that about 36 occupants here in the island owns private jets.

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