Hole 4

Par 4 352 Meters Stroke Index 1 6 Bunkers

Tiger Line

This par 4 of approximately 352m is a dogleg and probably the most difficult hole in the course. Straight shots can fly through the water hazard on the left over the trees that form part of the hazard, generally referred to as “tiger line” and to the fairway just before the lateral water hazards that is about 30m to the green. There are 6 bunkers on this hole. The first and second are at the right at about 200m and 150m respectively to the green. The third is also on the right at 95m before the lateral water hazards. On both sides of the green are two (the fourth and fifth) normal bunkers and the sixth is behind the green put slightly on the right side which is about 0.8m deep. This Hole has caused many Golfers much pain due to consistent loss of balls of the water/lateral hazard. Crocodiles are common features in this hole. The green is peer-shaped, elevated, evenly spread, readable breaks with a bunch of shrubs defining the boundary at the rear.

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