P-square’s House in Banana Island: Pictures & Details

P-Square belongs to the league of few Nigerian celebrities who owns property worth billions of naira in Banana Island.

in this article we shall be looking or discussing everything that has to do with Psquare’s property in Banana Island.

P-square’s House in Banana Island

P-Square’s mansion is located in Banana Island, Lagos. Banana Island is a town known to be home to the rich, influential and powerful in Nigeria.Psquare’s House in Banana Island

P-square’s owning a house in this choice area shouldn’t be a surprise because they are wealthy enough and have amass wealth through their musical career to be able to secure a place for themselves and family in Banana Island.which is known for being one of Nigeria’s most opulent neighborhoods.

P-square’s House in Banana Island inside details

P-square’s House in Banana Island consist of three floors and has over 6 en-suite bedrooms, and also has two huge living rooms, a cinema room, a gym, a laundry room,master suite with walk-in closets/dressing rooms as well as a massive bathroom suite.and a fully fitted kitchen.

looking at the features of this mansion, you can tell that it will cost a fortune to actually raise this house from ( block work) start to finish ( roofing, plastering and furnishing).

more details :

it was reported that this house is a joint property owned by the three brothers namely :

  • Paul Okoye
  • Peter Okoye
  • Their elder brother Jude Okoye

So the house is a joint purchase by the three brothers and was purchased for a whopping sum of $3.8 million which is over N1.5 billion naira in our local Nigeria currency.

Owning a house in Banana Island is a big lifetime investment and achievement that anyone can dream of.

If you succeed in owning one then you will be a neighbour to Linda Ikeji, Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, and Davido. And you get to see this people when they are around.Psquare’s House in Banana

Renting a house in Banana Island

you might ask , “how much will it cost me to rent a house in Banana Island? ” well the prices varies and it is influenced by various factors such as the design, how spacious it is, the facilities the house boast of etc.

But ideally, a typical house in Banana Island should go for 10 million naira to even 16 million . that means you should be ready to bring out 10 million naira every year just for house rent and there are some houses that exceed this amount.

You might ask how many Nigerians can truly afford this? while the minimum wage is about less than 50$ in black market rate? Well truth be told not many Nigerians can truly afford this. just a few Nigerians and foreigners who are working as expatriate and who are earning big.

Psquare’s House in Banana Island

Is this the only house P-Square has?

P-square’s House are scattered all over Lagos, and other states in Nigeria. like for an example the musicians have been confirmed to have properties that worth millions of naira in Lekki Phase One, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi and

even outside Nigeria; like the one in Atlanta Georgia and other choice locations across the globe.

P-square is a great brand doing well for themselves but sadly they had issues between themselves which affected their work.

Truth be told, the brothers have since gone their separate ways, right now it is not very clear who currently owns the property or if they have split this properties because there was a time some of their properties where put on sale.

like for an example, a property that jointly belongs to the three brothers that was located at Lola Holloway Street, Omole Estate in Lagos was put in sale sometime in 2017 at a price of 320 million naira.

Does P-Square have house in Banana Island?

Yes, P-Square, the musical twins we all know about, with actual name Peter and Paul Okoye, actually have a house in Banana Island, Lagos. the building was a joint project carried out to showcase their popularity and also achievement in the music industry.Psquare’s House in Banana Island

How much is P-Square house in Banana Island?

the property that is located at Banana Island is said to worth whopping sum of 1.5 billion nairas (approximately $3.8 million). you can attest to the fact that only few Nigerians that are highly placed can actually secure a place in any part of Banana Island.

Where is P-Square house located?

P-Square’s house in Banana Island was said to cost a whopping 1.5 billion nairas (approximately $3.8 million) as at the time the property was purchased. Right now the property’s value should far exceed the price stated above currently.

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