Tekno’s House in Lagos: Pictures & Detail

you might know him as Tekno but his real name is Augustine Miles Kelechi and he is one of the most popular musician in Nigeria that shook the musical scene in the 21st century.
actually Tekno is not just a musician, he is also a songwriter and record producer.

Although his popularity has gone down down right now, I still believe we are still yet to see the best of Tekno but for now we can’t just in a hurry forget his Hit singles like Holiday (featuring Davido) and Pana.

Tekno is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. this talented musician is not only known for his unique blend of songwriter but also known for his success as a record producer. Tekno actually rose to prominence and fame in early 2015 when he released one of his his hit song “Duro” most Nigerians fell i love with this song and you hardly hit any popular club, joint in town without hearing this song.
ever since then Tekno has since been able to released several other popular songs that hit the music industry and a few of such music is “Pana”, “Jogodo”, and “Skeletun” etc.tekno room

Apart from working everything out for himself, he has also attracted the attention of other top musicians and also worked with them to produce music that most Nigerians love. a few of these artists he has worked with is Davido, Wizkid, and Tiwa Savage etc.

Tekno’s House in Lagos

I know you must have heard a lot of interesting stuff about Tekno’s luxurious mansion located in Lagos, Nigeria.tekno house

In fact this house is actually one of the symbols of the his success as a musician. In case you are still wondering where the houser is located in Lagos we are here to give you all the gist you ever wish to know.

the house is located in Lekki, Lagos. Lekki is a highbrow area and only the big boyz can actually own a property in such area.

Tekno’s luxurious mansion which is in Lagos, Nigeria; is estimated to be in the range of several hundred of million of Naira.

there is no doubt about this, owning a landed property in lekki is no small deal . although the exact amount of the house has been made public by the musician. but going by the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities the house boast of such as; swimming pool, studio, cinema room, a gym,fully equipped kitchen, spacious living rooms etc we can safely say that the house is worth several millions of naira

Location of Tekno’s House

just like we said before now, the musician’s house in Lagos is located in Lekki, although Tekno has other house in other locations but this article centers on one of his most expensive house located in one of the most highbrow locations in Lagos.

The actual cost of the musician’s mansion is put to around 100 to 120 million naira but we are sure that the actual cost is even more than that. you might ask where does he get this funds from to buy this building in the first place.

Going by his net-worth which is being rumoured to be around 2.5 billion, it shouldn’t come as a shock that he owns such a magnificent property in one of the choicest areas in Lagos.tekno house

interesting key note about Tekno’s House in Lekki Lagos

first fact to keep in mind is that Tekno’s house in Lagos is located in Lekki, and Lekki is one of the most expensive locations. only the super rich and well to do individuals can own a home in this part of Lagos.

Tekno mansion is a duplex and the exact figure he bought the house far back 2017 was ₦80 million and ever since then the house has appreciated in value and has triple the exact figure he bought it then.

The house has some interesting features. we know for sure that the house features a reasonable garage space where he park most of his expensive cars. this shows that Tekno luxurious lifestyle doesn’t end in owning expensive houses here and there, but he is a huge fan of expensive cars including a 2012 Benz CLS 550 and once he can afford it, he goes for it.

another interesting fact that you shouldn’t forget in a hurry is that, Tekno’s house is said to be luxurious and very conducive.

Tekno’s Rise to Stardom in the Music Industry

Tekno was actually born on December 17th, 1992 in a Northern city of Nigeria, Bauchi state to be precise . his family later moved to Abuja which is the capital territory of Nigeria , then later to Kaduna, and the Nasarawa.

Actually Tekno grew or spent much of his life in these states. we shouldn’t be in a hurry to forget that his father was in the military, so it is normal for his father to be posted in different military formation scattered all over the country.

We cannot afford not to talk about Tekno educational history. Although he took his education very serious but he later realised that his calling lies in music. soon after his high school at Heritage high school/ Green Island, he decided to pay more attention to music and thus trying everything possible to look up to his role models like P-Square who greatly influenced his career.

According to popular story which has been in circulation , Tekno was first spotted by Julius Agwu, a Nigerian comedian at an event far back in year 2012.

The following year Tekno successfully signed a recording contract and ever since that moment he became known in the Nigerian musical industry and

Does Tekno have house in Lagos?

Yes, Tekno has a house in Lagos, and the house is specifically located in Lekki.

Lekki is a high-end residential area in Lagos, Nigeria, this is a place most successful Nigerian celebrities are said to own properties.

Actually, to own a house in Lekki is no small feat because this area seems to be situated in one of the most expensive locations and only the most wealthiest people can actually dream of buying properties in this location.

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