Atican Beach Resort: Gate fee, location 2023

Are you looking for a hangout spot! are you searching for a nice place to unwind after your stressful day?

you must have heard of Atican beach. Well it is a private beach that was founded in 2010. This place is unique in all round, it is very different from the regular beach that is scattered all across Lagos.

in this article we shall be discussing everything you should know about Atican beach resort,how to get there, their gate fee etc.

Atican Beach is a private beach ; the beach is well-known. Atican Beach is one of the finest beaches i have come to know in Lagos.atican beach

when you talk about the cleanest beach that is not yet overcrowded, with a touch of a calm ambience then you have to give it to Atican Beach.

in fact the precise location of this beautiful beach is off the Lekki Epe Expressway in Lagos State, Nigeria

As a first time visitor, you are going to be amazed at what you are going to enjoy. in fact you are going to enjoy various activities such as sailing and adventure tours; both right there at the Atican Beach and nearby attractions.


those who run the beach knows that without adequate security, the place will not be attractive to anyone, so they have made an excellent effort to provide security, in fact they have security personnel on ground making the place safer for everyone. so if you are going there in group or just alone, you have nothing to fear especially at night.

is it crowded?

The Atican Beach is not an overcrowded beach from the few times we have visited the place to confirm for ourselves. although there are fun seeker trooping in to catch a glimpse to what nature has to offer but that does not mean it won’t be crowded during festive season.

Notable hotels around?

yes there are few hotels around the beach where you can pass the night while you explore the beach during the day and in the cool of the evening.

one of the numerous hotels is the Atican Beach Resort Hotel which is a 3-star hotel.
Are you looking for where to lodge?

Well, this hotel has lodging facilities with rooms and all this comes in various categories and they are absolutely cheap and within your budget.

Some of the categories they offer are the Deluxe, Family, Double Room, and Executive Suites. All has their various price tag.

Left to me i will go for the Executive suite, this is the one that gives me the comfort I truly seek for outside my home.
Some facilities that are available are: swimming pool, horseback riding, restaurant and bar, live band, beachside lodging,

Where is atican beach located?

The Atican Beach is just situated by the Atlantic Coast in Lekki.

you will get to find the atican beach at the Lekki Epe expressway, Lagos Nigeria.

Is atican a private beach?

yes, the Atican Beach is a private beach and it is owned and managed by Chief Atiku Rasheed Abogun. this is why I prefer this beach because everything is rightly in place.

Chief Atiku Rasheed Abogun is rightly the executive director of this beach resorts.

How much is atican beach gate fee?

the Gate fee at the Atican Beach is N500 on weekdays which is cheaper and less crowded period. then on weekends and public holidays you will have to pay N1000

How much is tent at atican beach?

Are you in group and or you just want to rent a tent? Well it cost anywhere from 10,000. Getting a tent when you are in group is the best.

Can you sleep in beach tent?

Not really, the tent is not meant for you to pass the night in . there are safer places around the beach with nice facilities where you can pass the night .atican beach

So it will be unnecessary to pass the night in a tent with no special facilities or proper covering against cold at night.

Is food allowed at Atican Beach?

Bringing your own food from home or from anywhere else is not allowed. everything you need in terms of food has been made available but it might be a little expensive than what you get outside.

there is restaurant and bar where you can order anything you want and there is an endless list of special and various delicacies on the menu.

We understand that some people might not want to eat food prepared with some particular ingredients. like salt for instance, not everyone like it added to their meal. so on such ground you can better explain your situation and I believe they will let you in with what you bring.

How to get to Atican Beach from oshodi

you can safely make use of Google map to find your way to the Atican Beach or you make use of this direction.

Take bus to Ajah Last bus stop. Then take another bus or cab to Abraham Adesanya round from there you can locate the beach. or ask anyone about the beach.

Clothing tips when visiting Atican beach

Atican beach just like we have said is an excellent place to visit. you can visit with your friends, family or just in a group. it is a place you wouldn’t like to miss out from what Atican beach has to offer you.
so what to wear comes to mind right? you can put on any cloth that is comfortable and also light. the clothe can be any colour but i will prefer it to be white.

here are a list of clothes we have listed below :

  • Beach wears, bikinis, shorts and t-shirts
  • Breathable slides and sandal
  • Outdoor clothing-
  • Sunglasses and a hat

Things to do at Atican Beach

Enjoy serenity on the breezy beach

There are huts and palm trees that nicely adorn the beach which by extension provides an avenue to experience calmness. so there is dull moment if you are planning on spending time with your partner, friends and family or just you alone.

Have a private moment with your loved ones

the Beach owners understand what privacy actually mean so they provide a nice settings that guarantees an atmosphere for intimacy for lovers alike. so you can lodge if you so desire.

Dine and wine

There is assorted wine and drinks at the restaurant and bar section where you can purchase meals.

Horse riding

Horses are stationed just for you. although there are guides that are there to assist you ride the horse. please note that it is not free, you are to pay 500 naira for this… take pictures that you upload on your social media accounts.


are you an experienced swimmer? if yes then you can go swimming but if you have no experience it is better you stay off the water. it is better you rather go to the private pool for swimming.

Take a walk

just have thar nice moment to relax or take walk, breathe, think, strategize.

Capture the moment with beautiful pictures

you don’t necessarily need to go with camera as your phone has camera. make good of this moment by taking pictures, making video all just for memory. Place we recommend you capture is The beach area, waterfronts, villas, restaurants, horse riding and many more

Purchase beautiful gift items and clothing

there are gift shop around where u can get gift items such as clothing and accessories etc. so while going to the beach maybe from another state or outside Nigeria, be ready to spend just little money on this item because you will actually love them.

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