Hole 14

Par 4 460 Meters 6 Bunkers

PGA Bunker

This is the longest par 4 of approximately 460 meters to the green, Senator John Shagaya in characteristic manner called this hole "Suleja Express". At about 100 meters is a water hazard bisecting the hole and just before the hazard on the right is a rain shade. On both sides of the fairway are forests of roughs, standing on the fairway is a huge tree that at times stop beautiful tee-shots from gaining distance. There are 6 bunkers on this hole: on the right at about 100 meters to the green are two bunkers; the 3rd and 4th, at about 70 meters and 50 meters respectively; flanking the green on both sides are 2 bunkers, the one on the right of the green is an unusual deep bunker of about 1.5 meters, generally referred to as PGA bunker. The green is spherical with normal breaks.

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